e-conomic gives you control over the accounts

e-conomic is the accounting program built just for you — regardless of industry, company size and experience with accounting. The program is flexible and you can adapt it to your situation. Even when your company grows and the needs change. With the right accounting program and competent guidance, we ensure that you get a full overview of your company's finances, a better collaboration with your accountant/bookkeeper, and more time in your everyday life — because together we generate profit.

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Always ahead with the technology

The safe and stabile choice for your economy

e-conomic was founded in 2001 by accountant Jacob Wandt. He had thought for a long time that a proper tool was missing to make the collaboration between accountant and client easier. Jacob Wandt therefore put together a team of passionated people who started developing an accounting solution that was flexible, secure and easy to use. Today, e-conomic is the market leader in cloud-based financial systems in Denmark and has over 160,000 customers. e-conomic is owned by Visma, which every day helps more than a million small and large companies throughout Europe with effective business software.​​