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We automize your customers financial data at one platform in order for you to save time.
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We collect and structure your customers financial data in order for you to have a continually, full insight– also across periods. Obtain more surplus and increase quality with Crediwire.
✓ Quality control
✓  Counselling
✓  Reports and budgets
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Quality control

Quality is key. We deliver a full visual insight which makes it easier for you to see breaches and improve quality. Is it true that the profit ratio is higher than the revenue/turnover?Why is the rent not periodized? There is no limit for questions raised, and you will find all the answers with Crediwire.

Easier counselling

93 % of the companies dream about an accountant working in realtime. It depends on turning a part of the manualwork into automatization.By choosing Crediwire you will obtain direct access to structured realtime financial data on all your customers. This makes counselling easier.You can invite all your customers directly to Crediwire with a few clicks.

Reports & budgets

77 % of the companies wish for moregeneral economic counselling to understand their business. Most of us have a hard time figuring out period balances. What if we could make it easier? With Crediwire you get a digital platform to build graspable reports and useful budgets. This ensure that you will be able to help more customers efficiently. Share reports and budgets directly with your customers via Crediwire.

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Make better decisions

– The more we know the better decisions we will make and thereby build stronger companies.
Christian Rasmussen
CCO og partner at Beierholm

More time, more value

– If we can automatize the manual processes, that does not have any direct value to our customers, then we can spend more time together with our customers and create actual value for them.This must be a desire for all of us.
Jesper Lohmann Andersen
Senior Manager & Head of BSO,
Development hos BDO

Help your customers understand their business

– Focus on the digital solutions thatwill create value for your SME clients at the moment. Focus on solutions thatwill educate your customers and optimize their understanding of their own business. Then you are on your way.
Morten Høgh Petersen
Partner at KPMG

A more clear insight

– Crediwire creates overview in a way that is more comprehensible than former account balances which the industry has been used to.
Thomas Søgaard
Partner, One Revision

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What is Crediwire?

Crediwire structures and analyzes your customers financial data from the most common ERP-systems in order for you to obtain direct insight within your customers finances. We believe that more knowledge creates better decisions and ultimately stronger businesses.

Why should I use Crediwire?

We hand you three reasons to use Crediwire:
1)You want to save time
2)You want to sell more
3)You want to help your customersWe standardize your customers financial data for you to avoid time-consuming interim accounts. All data can be shared directly in realtime for you to increase effectivity and offer even better counselling to create more value for your customers.

How do I get my customers on Crediwire?

It is easy to add extra companies to your user. Below the tab ”connections” you can add a new connection – follow the steps in our guide. It can be a time-consuming process to create different customers, and therefore we offer you help through our support, whenever you need it.

If my customers don’t have an ERP-system?

Crediwire will only work if your customers are connected to a digital ERP-system. It is an asset for most companies to have digital ERP-systems. When your customers have a digitalERP-system they will be able to use Crediwire. See our list of integrations.

How do I make a budget with Crediwire?

We have made simple three steps for you to follow:
1)Choose the company and download the template ”budget”
2)Choose a startpoint for the budget and what yearly growth you want to see
3)The budget can be downloaded as an Excel-file for you to adjust continually and compare with the realized numbers.

How do I share reports?

When the report is finished, and you have been examining the numbers, you will be able to share directly withyour customer. Below the tab ”client report” push the slider towards ”all reports”. Fill in the name and mail of the customer. You can choose to send the report as an autogenerated message or copy the link to the report and share it in a mail.

Reports for the board?

You can create and share reports as you wish. When a company’s board need a simple visual overview upon the finances you will be able to create a new report below the tab ”connections” or below the individual profile among ”client report”.

Does Crediwire share my data?

When you create a company you will be in charge of the rights and decide access gateways. You can always control sharings below the tab ”connections”/”shared”. Here you will be able to add new connections e.g. your bank or accountant, and you can remove and change rights for those you share with.

How do I manage quality control?

We collect and structure your customers financial data for you to avoid extraction from multiple ERP-systems.You get a direct insight within the figures below the tab ”raw balance” to check up on possible discrepancies. You can always contact us if you have further questions.

What other accountants tell about Crediwire?

– I see Crediwire as a tool for dialogue between accountant and the SME who needs continual advice but also as a great opportunity for detailed and sufficient reporting at eye level with other interests.

Jonas Bødker-Iversen, authorised accountant and partner at Kvist & Jensen.