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Get closer to your customers. We collect, structure and activate your customers financial data.
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Updated data

Get closer to your customers and get insights from beginning till end. You can have around 18 months between two yearly reports. In the period between the two reports it is all darkness – no data and no overview.With Crediwire you assure data and insights from beginning till end. Imagine a digital yearly report updated automatically. You can invite all your customers directly with a few clicks.

Relevant counselling

89% of the customers wish to share data with the bank. Relevance and knowledge is key when it comes to counseling. Crediwire gives you direct access to your customers financial data in order for you to counsel more accurate and create further value for your customers. Get closer to your clients with Crediwire.

Data in your own way

New habits – new routines. It takestime to build. Therefore Crediwire is suited to your existing processes and needs. We offer our product as a web-app or via our API which fits directly to your existing solutions and processes. You can use Crediwire to create even better customer meetings or in order to get a behavioral analysis across your SME customers.

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Our integrations

Save time

– When it all comes down to the wire, all of us want more time.
Helene Bløcher
Head of Business Banking, Denmark, Nordea

Attain time to focus on counseling

– Datagives you better opportunities to form solutions that fits your customers.Data can also be used as optimization for existing processes in order to release time and ressources to focus on central core areas.
Ulrik Nødgård
CEO Finans Danmark

Create more value for your customers

– It is important to use our energy wisely. We only have a certain amount of time. Therefore the time should be used correctly and in a manner that creates the most value.
Ida Schulin-Zeuthen
Head of Beyond Banking Ecosystem,
Danske Bank

Better financial experiences

– The development is about creating better financial experiences for the customers in order for us to grow and succeed together. That is what matters, and that is what we are all interested within.
Bjarne Larsen
Bank director in Sydbank


Why should my customers use Crediwire?

For a better collaboration. With Crediwire you avoid the difficulties with uploading important documentation to the yearly renegotiation or by applying for a new loan or credit.  At the same time you will obtain an insight to observe your customers’ economic tendencies or other relations that needs attention from the bank.

What are the assets for you as an advisor by using Crediwire?

You will save both time and hardship. Transferring documentation between you and your customer shouldn’t be difficult. We have collected everything on one platform for you to get continually updated upon your customers finances. This leaves you with the samestarting point and enables you to advice even better.

How does Crediwire work?

Crediwire structures and analyzes your customers financial data from the most common ERP-systems – e.g. Economic,Billy and Dinero. Save time on finding and uploading important data. We deliver a clear, visual insight in continually updated data.

Is the data safe and sound?

Don’t worry – no need to feel unsafe. The quality of the data you gain access to is fully valid. We handle a great part of the job for you. This means that we offer automatic quality assessments and frequency analysis for you to stay updated on bookkeeping. Furthermore we make sure that assets and liabilities are aligned. You obtain access to KPI’s such as coverage to get an overview of the finances for any business.  

How do I get a full overview of my customers paying clients?

Crediwire delivers a full insight within the amount of paying clients via a debtor list. They will automatically be sorted by size of receivables and a long list of other important factors.

How to make sure that the company is healthy and solid?

We deliver continually updated insights within data for you to stay informed about cash flows and development within working capital. Help your customers strengthen their liquidity andrelease capital for growth.

How to get the customer’s budget in order?

We deliver an easy access to your customers financial data. Dive into the basis for the budget and export toExcel for you to edit the numbers/figures. The editing will automatically be updated in the Crediwire app.

How do I compare my customers with the industry?

All companies that are attached to Crediwire have an industry code. This means that you can compare a company with others if there are enough companies within the same industry. This serves you the opportunity to advice even better.

Is there any other way to check the numbers?

Excel is still a well functioning tool – export data directly and build your own analyses – e.g. Stress test. You can download the budget, the financial report and the raw balance in the Crediwire app and convert them to Excel-files.

Will you be able to help, if I have further questions?

We are always ready to help you at any given time. Our customers success team is ready to help you straight away.