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Crediwire connects accountants, companies
and banks. More knowledge creates better
decisions and ultimately stronger companies.
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Better collaboration
with Crediwire

Better collaboration
with Crediwire

We collect, structure and activate financial data
for accountants, companies and banks.
✓ More knowledge
✓ Better decisions
✓ Stronger companies
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Our partners

A helping hand on a daily basis

– Earlier on, if I needed my bank, I would
have to do budgets on my own and answer a
lot of questions – now my bank is able to
see all my numbers right away. That is really nice and comforting.
Marlene Pedersen
Owner of MyHeaven

Save time and money

– Digitalization and activation leads to
efficiency and improved insights in the
business.Efficiency as a matter of automizing heavy administrative processes, which releases
time for better counselling. And insights as a matter of a more transparent and continuous financial insights, which leads to increased valuebased counselling.
Lars Engbork
CEO at Visma e-conomic

Data leads to better counselling

– Through data we will be able to know
everything about our customers. We know
their needs, and we can match their needs
with relevant solutions. There are no hurdles
in using data to improve the experience for
those who share data.
Jacob Faber
Head of Business Banking, Lunar

Constantly up to date

– Crediwire is nice because I save time on
reporting to my bank etc. Now they are constantly updated on our financial situation.
Martin Poulsen
CEO og Co-Founder, Driversnote

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