SME owners: Your opportunities begin with your mindset

Julie Dorthea Bøge

This mindmap is a part of our playbook.
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We have developed a set of mindmaps based on input from you. In the past two years, we've written and published four whitepapers and 12 total episodes of Welcome to Better Financial Experiences.

The mindmaps are created as a motivator, to inspire and encourage you to seek innovation and optimization. The mindmaps are minded for those of you who own an SME. To those of you who work as an accountant. And to those of you who assist SMES as financial advisors.

Maybe this will be your entrance to fully comprehend the potential of a closer collaboration with you customers. Or maybe it'll become your stepping stone for solely focusing your energy on the work that generates value.

We have created this mindmap to support those of you who own an SME. Based on knowledge from former whitepapers we have developed this mindmap - suited just for you.

Most of us are fully focused on our product as an SME:

We are primarily looking at the top of the pyramid when our eyes are centered on these questions. Our former whitepapers have shown us that we rarely pay attention to the bottom layers of the pyramid - unless we're almost forced to have a look at it.

We believe it's important to have a better understanding of the bottom layers in order to create more value. This is where you have the opportunity to build a solid foundation for your business. And this is where you form your understanding and seek the most important partners and advisors. With more knowledge, you'll be able to make better decisions and build a stronger company.

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