It all comes down to convenience and making solutions that remove complexity

Julie Dorthea Bøge
PLAYBOOK - A Better collaboration is our gateway to success

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Tuva Palm, M&A at Utopia Music, Board Director at EasyPark and advisor at Lunar.

– During our lifetime we’ll experience a higher magnitude of change than our ancestors. We need to be able to adapt new solutions to succeed and grow – and that demands better collaboration between partners.

It might sound like an easy task for a society that’s built for change. A society where digital infrastructure is highly compatible with the changing demands of consumers.

But if we ask the tech-savvy product expert, with an MSc in Computer architecture, Tuva Palm, we might be misleading ourselves, if we believe, that our infrastructure is fully evolved.

– We’ve hit the first digitization wave and now we’re in an era of continuous progress and adaptation. We’re beginning to get a sense of data – understanding its value and how to make resolutions. In some ways, we’re way ahead, but we still need to remember our position in the evolution game to not lose our momentum, Tuva Palm states.

Tuva Palm has 25 years of experience in successfully building, developing and scaling up organizations and products at companies such as Klarna, Nordnet, and Fortnox. She holds an MSc in Computer Science with a focus on Computer Architecture. Back in the early days of coding, she was a part of the Development Team building the legendary programming language Java. Today she’s Advisor at the Board of Lunar, Board director at Easy Park, and Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Utopia Music. Furthermore, she’s a true business angel and since 2019 Founding Partner of SHE Invest – Sweden.

Data is becoming increasingly important to society – not only to the DevOps teams or regular coders’ interests. It’s our ticket to build innovation and attract talent to solve interesting and critical challenges. 

As a bank and accountant, you need to understand the potential of data to leverage your business and know your customers more closely.  

– If you know your customers, you’ll be able to create more value and help build stronger companies. We talk about collaboration and data but to me, it’s about transformation and adaptation. Transformation is the manifestation of actions towards an optimized society. It is about transforming data to outcomes and insights – what value do you create for customers with the data you have access to? 

We need to understand how we make use of data to make our customers smarter, to remove complexity, and to make new insights while constantly reflecting on how we can adapt, Tuva explains.