Financial advisors: Your opportunities begin with your mindset

Julie Dorthea Bøge

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We have developed a set of mindmaps based on input from you. In the past two years, we've written and published four whitepapers and 12 total episodes of Welcome to Better Financial Experiences.

The mindmaps are created as a motivator, to inspire and encourage you to seek innovation and optimization. The mindmaps are minded for those of you who own an SME. To those of you who work as an accountant. And to those of you who assist SMES as financial advisors.

Maybe this will be your entrance to fully comprehend the potential of a closer collaboration with you customers. Or maybe it'll become your stepping stone for solely focusing your energy on the work that generates value.

We have created this mindmap for you who assist SMEs as financial advisors based on concrete knowledge from our former whitepapers.

In our whitepaper "Bank: the benefit of being a sounding board" it's clear there is a revolt on the way - manual and time-consuming processes are being replaces by automatic and optimized procedures. Time is a recurring motif for many advisors - especially time that’s spent on collecting and structuring information

There is a tendency to focus on the top layer of the pyramid - it’s completely natural. But it may be of even greater value if you focus a lot more on the bottom. Here you’ll find a hidden opportunity to release the full potential to embrace innovation, create a solid foundation for better financial experiences and get a step closer to your customers.

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