Accountants: Your opportunities begin with your mindset

Julie Dorthea Bøge

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We have developed a set of mindmaps based on input from you. In the past two years, we've written and published four whitepapers and 12 total episodes of Welcome to Better Financial Experiences.

The mindmaps are created as a motivator, to inspire and encourage you to seek innovation and optimization. The mindmaps are minded for those of you who own an SME. To those of you who work as an accountant. And to those of you who assist SMEs as financial advisors.

Maybe this will be your entrance to fully comprehend the potential of a closer collaboration with you customers. Or maybe it'll become your stepping stone for solely focusing your energy on the work that generates value.

This mindmap is based on knowledge from our former whitepapers and specifically adapted to those of you who work as accountants and bookkeepers.

Our latest whitepaper “The future for Danish accountants” from 2021, shows us that many are focusing on mere traditional and manual routines for natural reasons. Many new digital solutions have pathed the way but the transformation is a tough task.

There is no doubt that we need to create space for more counselling but it demands that we take an extra look at the bottom of the pyramid.

When we focus on the bottom layer we’ll experience an effect of “aha” that might make you change the way you work or at least think of your working routines. This will enable you to embrace transformation, and this is where you can create even more value for yourself and last but not least your customers. In other words: This is where you create better financial experiences.

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